Hose-Track continues to prove its’ worth as more and more clients adopt it to manage their concrete hose assets. Concrete hoses are supplied without warranty, and historically, limited information has been available about time in service, locations where they are used, physical condition, etc.

Hose-Track delivers a comprehensive system which provides detailed information, including:

  • Date delivered
  • Hose configuration details
  • Site where hose is in use (changeable when hose moves to another site)
  • Manage test periods for each individual hose (3 months, 6 months, 1 year)
  • Record pressure test results, provide test certificate (viewable online and downloadable)
  • Record modifications to hoses (re-ends, splits)
  • Record hose disposals
  • Store detailed hose history for each hose

For more information on Hose-Track, or to arrange a no obligation demonstration, contact Key2iD on 0118 380 1646, or email info@key2id.com