With 60,000+ utility service strikes annually in the UK,  industry needs the tools to accurately identify and locate buried assets – fast.

Key2iD delivers them.

With Key2iD, you can instantly locate assets and get real time data delivered right into your hands, wherever you are. Our  solutions streamline planning and decision-making, moving the industry from reactive to proactive asset management, whilst promoting improved Health and Safety, and increasing sustainability.

Key2iD solutions include:


RFID technology speeds and simplifies identification of hoses and provides instant access to hose-assembly information, allowing for rapid identification, pressure test and repair. Hose-Track allows for complete management of all hoses, including provision of test certificates, and disposal of hoses.


Site-Track provides users with the capability to mark and locate all site assets, and receive real time location data delivered straight to your smartphone or tablet, using the Site-Track Mobile application. Improve your organisations’ Health and Safety through the use of more accurate data.


3M Global Distributor

Key2iD is a Global Distributor of 3M’s locating and marking products.
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Key2iD has developed a number of innovative Asset Management solutions.
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